Terms and conditions

Unless the contract is exempted from the right of withdrawal, the buyer may contest the purchase of the goods under the Cancellation Act.

The buyer must notify the seller of the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the beginning of the period. The period includes all calendar days. If the period ends on a Saturday, public holiday or bank holiday, the period is extended to the next working day.

The time limit is deemed to have been observed if notification is sent before the expiry of the time limit. The buyer has the burden of proving that the right of objection has been exercised, and the notification should therefore be made in writing (objection form, e-mail or letter).

The period for lodging a complaint begins to run:

The limitation period is extended to 12 months after the expiry of the original limitation period if the seller does not notify the existence of a right of objection and a standard declaration of objection prior to the conclusion of the contract. The same applies in the absence of information on the conditions, time limits and procedure for exercising the right of appeal. If the trader provides the information during these 12 months, the period for lodging an appeal still expires 14 days after the day on which the purchaser received the information.


In the case of use of the right of withdrawal, the goods must be returned to the seller without undue delay and within 14 days of notification of use of the right of withdrawal. The buyer covers the direct costs of returning the goods, unless otherwise agreed or unless the seller has refused to inform the buyer that it will cover the return costs. The seller may not set a fee for the buyer's use of the right of withdrawal.

The buyer may try or test the goods in a proper way to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, without losing the right of withdrawal. If the sampling or testing of the goods goes beyond what is reasonable and necessary, the buyer may be liable for any reduced value of the goods.

The seller is obliged to refund the purchase price to the buyer without undue delay, and within 14 days of the seller being notified of the buyer's decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. The seller has the right to withhold payment until he has received the goods from the buyer, or until the buyer has provided proof that the goods have been returned.

Exception to the right of withdrawal

Please note that our digital Nortrip guide is considered "digital content not delivered on a physical medium". Thus, according to the Cancellation Act §22, letter n you do not have the right to use the right of withdrawal to regret the purchase of the digital Nortrip guide.

However, we strive to satisfy our customers. If you have a complaint about your purchase, please contact us.

When purchasing the physical Nortrip guide, access to the digital Nortrip guide will be included. In this case, the right to appeal will apply, and the appeal period is 14 days from the day you receive the Nortrip guide in physical possession.

The Cancellation Act does not apply to companies.